2019-03 |

Kaunis Iron ❤ Pajala IF!

Kaunis Iron becomes main sponsor of the respected sports club Pajala IF.

“This agreement is incredibly important to Pajala IF’s activities, probably the biggest thing ever in an economic perspective,” says Magnus Pekkari, chairman of the sports club.

With the help of this economic boost, measures and activities will be carried out to further strengthen team spirit and cohesion in the club.

“It is also important that the cooperation is long-term – the agreement signed is for three years, allowing us to create the continuity needed in the club activities,” says Magnus Pekkari, Pajala IF.

This is the mining company’s first big venture into sponsoring. Kaunis Iron already sponsors among other things the ice road from Huuki and the cottage bakery in Kaunisvaara.

“To us it is essential to contribute to the community, especially for young people and parasports,” says Per-Erik Lindvall, CEO of Kaunis Iron.

Pajala IF today has four sections, for football, floorball, parasports and skiing. There is also orienteering, which sorts under the skiing section. Today, the club has about 250 active members, which does not include the many engaged parents.