Protection of privacy

Your privacy is important to Kaunis Iron. Our starting point is to avoid processing personal data than we do not need for our purpose, and not to process personal data for longer than necessary. We always have a legal basis for our processing. We process your personal data mainly to meet our commitments under the law or agreements. We can also process your personal data in line with justified interest with the purpose of giving you good service, for example as regards marketing, follow-up and information. We may also need your personal data to carry out customer and market analyses. We often process the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Title
  • IP address

We continually update our routines and work methods so that your personal data is handled in a secure way and so that processing takes place in line with data protection laws. Our starting point is that only employees and other people within the organisation who need the personal data to carry out their work duties shall have access to it. Our starting point is not to pass on your personal data to any third party unless you have given consent to it or unless it is required of us in order to fulfil our obligations under contract or the law. In cases where we pass on personal data to a third party we ensure that the personal data is dealt with in a secure way. Our security systems are developed with your privacy in focus and protect at a high level against intrusion, destruction and other changes that might mean a risk to your privacy. Kaunis Iron is responsible for processing your personal data and ensuring that your rights are safeguarded. If you want us to erase your personal data or if you have questions regarding Kaunis Iron’s processing of your personal information, you are welcome to contact Sara Stridsman. A complete presentation of your rights regarding processing personal data is available on the website of the Data Protection Authority,