We want to be best in the world

Our vision sets a challenge. We say that we will develop the world’s most sustainable iron ore.

This demands that we constantly ensure that the decisions we make take into account the three perspectives of sustainability: social sustainability, ecological sustainability and economic sustainability.


Sustainability is often reduced to a purely environmental perspective in the media debate, which is why we feel it is important to stress a holistic view of the concept of sustainability. To take responsibility for a proactive approach to the development of the sustainability concept in everything we do which has an effect on our own company, business in the region, nature and the local community.


Our sustainability work is based on how we can contribute to the fulfillment of UN:s global goals for sustainability in Agenda 2030. It is also based upon our own norms and values and of course, any laws and rules that apply to our business.


Kaunis Iron has also decided to support EU:s principles for sustainable raw materials.