Social sustainability

We reinvest

Kaunis Iron naturally has a big effect on the local community in the Pajala area, since we are a significant employer and fairly big company buying goods and services for millions of kronor every year. This of course makes demands on us. We must take a self-evident responsibility for how we act.

We want to be a driving force for local business and reinvest where we can when buying services and goods. During 2022 Kaunis Iron reinvested about 551 mSEK locally and 1 033 mSEK regionally.

Our collaboration with Luleå University of Technology also contributes to both strengthened research and improved skills supply for companies in our industry.

We are also involved in developing meeting places, such as Folkets Hus community centre in Kaunisvaara and Tornedalen Pride, and we are pleased to engage in projects focusing on children and young people. Quite simply, the well-being of the local community is important to us.


Examples of collaboration projects:


  • Pajala Horsepower (Pajala Hästkraft)
  • Activity park in Vittangi
  • Theatre of Tornedalen (Tornedalsteatern)
  • Pajala IF
  • Pajala Hockey
  • Popkollo Norrbotten
  • School visit to Auschwitz
  • Sattajärvi downhill skiing