We take responsibility

Environmental work is always in focus in our sustainability efforts. Of course it is not possible to extract ore without having an effect on the environment, and an open pit affects nature in a dramatic way. But, apart the fact that we extract ore in the mine area, our operations must not have any other direct negative impact on the environment.

Therefore, it is extremely important to us to comply with legislation, all awarded permits and the different regulations that govern our operations. There are strict regulations controlling the mining industry, and that is a good thing. We both want to and will take the responsibility required of us as a company.


Our environmental work is based on constant work to improve, with annual investments of millions of kronor to successively reduce the risks of negative environmental impact. A significant challenge along the way is to electrify our entire vehicle fleet to eliminate CO2 emissions from our transport division.

Self-inspection and external analyses are cornerstones in our quality work, and in this area there has been considerable documentation of our immediate environment since 2009. We have carried out thousands of analyses of samples from watercourses in the area according to the national standard produced by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. It is satisfying to report that today there is no evidence that our operations have any negative environmental impact.


What we do, among other things: