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Suppliers’ invoices are sent to:

Kaunis Iron AB, Stationsgatan 46, 972 33 Luleå

Or e-mail them to [email protected]

Please include cost centre, reference, and account on all suppliers’ invoices.


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    Our sites


    Kaunisvaara, Head Office and Mining Area
    Bert-Ove Johanssons väg 8
    984 91 Pajala


    Junosuando, Logistics Facility
    Box 129
    Kirunavägen 105
    984 96 Junosuando


    Pitkäjärvi, Reloading Station
    Etian 71 A
    980 20 Svappavaara


    Pajala, Exploration Department
    Teknikvägen 2
    984 32 Pajala


    Luleå, Office
    Stationsgatan 46
    972 33 Luleå