For future generations

Earnings are important to us as a company – so that we build up a cash reserve for future investments and manage potential price falls on the world markets. Quite simply, we take responsibility for the long-term security of the company’s economy.
We shall not be driven by short-term interests to optimise profits, but will work to lay the foundations in a long-term perspective for a functional mining industry in Pajala for future generations. To build something truly lasting for Pajala, the region and Sweden.


For everyone in the mining industry, the future is of course mainly determined by the mineral assets they can identify and secure. However, it is also dependent on us receiving permits to extract the deposits in question. So it is crucial that we carry out long-term prospecting in the local area and maintain a meaningful dialogue with decision-making authorities and the surrounding community.

We also have the express strategy to re-invest in the local community via the purchasing of services and goods that we annually carry out. In 2021 our local purchasing in Pajala kommun amounted to 397 mSEK, and in the region to 615 mSEK. We want to be an economic force for business development.


Read our latest annual and sustainability report:


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