We are Kaunis Iron

With new owners and strong local commitment we have re-started the iron ore mine in Pajala. Our ambition is to build a business that is durable in the long term and operates sustainably. To us, this means mining that retains its local roots, creates value for Norrbotten and contributes to community development in Pajala, at the same time as we take a strong position on the world market. Every year, we produce about 2.2 million tonnes of iron ore.


Our unique iron ore concentrate, with its quality and environmental advantages, is already in strong demand among the world’s steelworks. Thanks to a sustainable product, a skilfully run business and world-class facilities, Kaunis Iron has found a strong position on the global market.


Our vision sets a challenge. We say that we will develop the world’s most sustainable iron ore.

This demands that we constantly ensure that the decisions we make take into account the three perspectives of sustainability: social sustainabilityecological sustainability and economic sustainability.


We are the mine of the new generation.

We have an engaged team of personnel who share our values. A team who together are blazing their own trails and writing their own story.


Our values:

Ett hjärta

RESPECT – We respect the environment, humans, and our partners.


En eld.

ENGAGEMENT – We’ll do what it takes at work; for each others, and for security.


En hjärna.

CURIOUSITY – We explore, we want to move forward, we want more.


Read our Code of Conduit:



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