Kaunis Iron as a workplace

It was strong commitment and curiosity that led to our new start-up of mining operations in Pajala. But we refine more than minerals. We also refine talent.


We dare to say that we are different. We are the mine of the new generation. With focus on every aspect of sustainability. Environment, community and the individual.

We have an engaged team of personnel who share our values. A team without baggage. Who together are blazing their own trails and writing their own story.


We know however that the mining industry is often associated with a macho culture – and that some studies show that workplaces like ours must sometimes deal with hurtful jargon, sexism and exclusion.


Kaunis Iron is to be a workplace of gender equality and equality in general, where diversity is strength, and new thinking drives development.

This is written in our brand framework and we actively develop our workplace. Among other things, all employees, the management group and all middle management have been through training in the field of norms, jargon and inclusion.

Among other things we have:

  • held workplace meetings with all employees with focus on values.
  • provided workplace education for managers and safety officers.
  • produced documentation and implementation plans for employee reviews.