One becomes three open pits

Today, there are 12 operating mines in Sweden, and Sweden produces most of the iron ore in Europe.

Today’s Swedish iron ore mines are above all in three areas: Norrbotten, Västerbotten and Bergslagen in central Sweden.

Mines are generally divided into two types – open pit and underground. In an open pit mine, the ore is extracted from the ground, not from underground.


We at Kaunis Iron are currently extracting ore in one open pit, Tapuli in Kaunisvaara, but we plan to open a further two open pits – in Sahavaara and Palotieva.


This is what we mine

“Ore” is really an economic term. It is not until it is profitable to extract, process and ship to a customer that a mineral deposit can be called ore. The ore mineral we extract in the mine in Kaunisvaara is magnetite, aka lodestone.

Magnetite is naturally magnetic (ferrimagnetic), which makes it easy to separate from the surrounding waste rock.