2019-03 |

Information regarding ore transports

We receive a number of questions about our ore transports between the mine in Kaunisvaara and Pitkäjärvi. Here are some facts which you are welcome to share.

We have a dispensation issued by the Swedish Transport Administration to use 90-tonne ore rigs. As regards the distance between ore rigs, we are required to keep a minimum of four (4) minutes distance between loaded ore rigs, which applies only to ore rigs on their way from Kaunisvaara to Pitkäjärvi. The background to this condition is that the road surface needs time to recover between individual ore rigs.


At the bridges across the Torne River and the Tärendö River, where traffic lights have been put up, our loaded ore rigs are supposed to keep to the “bridge centre”, that is, drive on the centre of the bridge, and it is not permitted pass other traffic on the bridges. The background to this is that the load on the bridges is to be distributed in the best way. This applies even if for some reason the traffic lights are out of action.


Otherwise, the same regulations apply to our ore rigs as to all other road users. However, we try always to keep a distance between ore rigs to make things as easy as possible for other road users, and to keep the production flow as even as possible.

See you on the road, drive carefully!