2020-02 |

PR: Åsa Allan becomes Deputy CEO of Kaunis Iron

Åsa Allan has been appointed Deputy CEO of Kaunis Iron. In her new role, she will have a clear responsibility for the company’s strategic matters in the fields of sustainability, prospecting and communication.


“I am happy to be part of the next step in the company’s development at a more strategic level, and to be able to work with issues I am passionate about. I am looking forward to being able in this way to continue to help local and regional development and to create sustainable mining operations in Pajala,” says Åsa Allan, Deputy CEO of Kaunis Iron.

Åsa Allan has been site manager of mining operations in Kaunisvaara since 2017, and retains that responsibility until a successor has been recruited. She holds a doctorate in ore geology and was chief executive of Pajala Municipality when recruited to Kaunis Iron. She has experience in the industry from her earlier appointments, including that of manager of mine planning with Northland Resources.


”We have started up operations in Kaunisvaara in a fantastic way, which has required focus on here-and-now issues. Now it is important to increasingly concentrate on issues of a strategic nature, to ensure long-term mining operations in the Torne Valley, at the same time as our own operations in the mine expand. I am extremely pleased that Åsa wishes to take on the added responsibility for these development matters,” says Klas Dagertun, CEO of Kaunis Iron.

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Photo: Pär Bäckström


For more information, please get in touch with:


Klas Dagertun, CEO, tel +46 70-591 00 41, e-mail klas.dagertun@kaunisiron.se

Åsa Allan, Deputy CEO, tel +46 72-724 41 20, e-mail asa.allan@kaunisiron.se

2021-01 |

Vattenfall and Kaunis Iron in a new partnership concerning electrified fossil-free mining operations

Vattenfall AB and Kaunis Iron AB have signed a letter of intent to develop fossil-free and electrified mining operations at the iron ore mine in Pajala.
2020-10 |

1,200 MSEK (115 MEUR) investment in Kaunisvaara-Svappavaara roads

​The Swedish Transport Administration and Kaunis Iron AB have signed an agreement under which Kaunis Iron will contribute 127 MSEK to reinforcement and rerouting of the road stretch between Kaunisvaara and Svappavaara.